lvrdfvshion: How do you Feelings about kanye west Style in the Last months or Weeks? Like the crewnecks

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Honestly, sometimes we post Ye pictures because it’s always cool to see some new fits or ‘the last hype’ from him, but I (I’m the guy writing now) personaly find that these last fits aren’t that amazing or that ‘innovative’. 

Like, clearly, when he began to wear Visvims, he started something, and that they admit it or not, people that suddenly began to wear Visvims are mainly (not wanting to be flamed here) influenced by him.

His last cozy/velvet sweater/sweatpants/crewnecks/dad fits are cool though, but for me they’re not as impressive as some ones he made in the past. And that haircut is… from another level.

almxghtyso: Best type of joggers for reasonable price?


Publish Brand is known for quality yet affordable joggers.

John Elliot + Co has also really nice ones but I don’t know if it’s still what you understand by reasonable. Yet, if you’re not in a hurry,Gap will release a collab with ‘emerging streetwear designers’ including John Elliot, and the price might be in Gap’s ones range.

Also, the last Nike techwear collection includes nice joggers that fit really nicely.